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Stops of Life by MAND4Drawings
Stops of Life
So many stops in life, yet we always exit the same one. Just like when we ride the train. 

A quick inspirational image I did completely at random, trying to figure out my next "big" facebook cover. You can re-size it so it fits. 

Nothing special really.     
Will pressed the button again and the screen turned from black to colorful. Will quickly recognized the hospital; a small kid was lying in a bed, reading a book and smiling while someone was looking at him. The kid turned around and pointed at book, saying: ‘Look daddy! Look how big of a neck this thing has! It’s huuuuge!’

He then went back to reading the book, continuously laughing, while someone just kept watching him. Even though it wasn’t shown, Will was certain that the person was smiling. The image shifted through various, short sequences most-likely depicting the earlier years of their relationships, from what Will gathered. Over time, the kid grew weaker and weaker, until he needed to be hospitalized permanently. It wasn’t hard to predict the outcome, Will realized, and feared how Jasmine would react.

With each passing sequence, which furthered beyond the kid smiling in a hospital bed and talking about the giraffes, the colors grew dimmer, images got blurrier, the noises became more silent and the kid grew sicklier. The story began at the cradle, with a crying baby, which grew up to a barely-walking boy, to a one which can speak, one which can count and read, one which can like a girl, to a one who would skip most school days because of the sickness, to the one lying in a bed, reading nighttime stories, to the one they were seeing now.

He was breathing through a tube, many-a-cables connected to his small body, leading outwards to the machines. Some beeped, some showed rotating images in silence, and others showed random numbers Will didn’t understand. The image moved closer and a hand emerged from the sight, hanging onto the boy’s arm. The screen got blurrier yet again, painfully so, and the silent sounds of sobbing broke the silence. Jasmine grabbed onto his hand and hid again, her tears already wetting Will’s shirt. The beeping sounds of the machines went silent as the screen turned to black, transitioning to one more scene: the funeral. The scenery was painfully familiar to both of them. People stood round a small, gaping hole in the ground, all wailing in their own little ways, watching a coffin being put downwards at slow pace by a robust machine, while a man was preaching of life and death. Will knew this scene better than anyone – but he also knew what this scene doesn’t depict. Aftermath of it is simple – most people go their homes and continue on living with their lives, perhaps occasionally remembering the boy they buried. The person watching this scene unveil will go back home and sit in a chair and wonder for the rest of his life why it happened. The person will sit up long at night, watching the walls slowly melt away under the pressure of tears that want to go out. But you can’t let them, Will remembered, because there’s someone else sitting next to you and crying, also wondering why it happened. And you have to be the supporting pillar that stands tall, even if it’s shrinking inside. And so he did; he hugged Jasmine as tightly as he could, kissing her head softly. Despite being the same age, children of the same mother that grew up the same way, Will and Jasmine were worlds apart in differences – which made them all the more closer to one another.
A Short Memory
A short paragraph (yeah, I kind of divided it here for easier read) from the book I'm currently writing. A story set in alternate futuristic world where seventeen year old twins embark on a journey across the world. 

*This paragraph is a part of the 'Wonderland' chapter, where they visit a building that stores dreams for public viewing, separated into different categories. Ones under 'Private' are memories instead of dreams.     

*Picture is not my own; I found it on a random wallpaper site. 


MAND4Drawings's Profile Picture
Haris Krupalija
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Thanks for visiting my profile!

I'm currently invested in making my own game (ARPG specifically) in Unity3D. I'ts kind of hard, really, but hey, no pain = no gain!
My main focus is digital art, currently learning 3D texture design and in my free time doing some random speed paintings.

However, due to my childlike dream of creating a game, now I'm forced to slowly learn programming. Which is a pain in the ass but ... oh well. Anyway, if you want more information on the project (not much has been done really, just some basic textures, programming etc.) feel free to ask.

Also, I appreciate you checking me out!

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