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His Eminence by MAND4Drawings His Eminence :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 1 0 skyfire magus - final cover by MAND4Drawings skyfire magus - final cover :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 2 0 Random head/face references by MAND4Drawings Random head/face references :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 2 0 At World's Peak by MAND4Drawings At World's Peak :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 1 0 The Treasure At Adventure's End by MAND4Drawings The Treasure At Adventure's End :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 4 0 Him and Her - An Odd(?) Story [cover] by MAND4Drawings Him and Her - An Odd(?) Story [cover] :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 0 0
Battlerite Fan Fiction - Shifu, the Spearmaster
I throw my spear into the darkness. That is intuition. Then I must send forth an army into the darkness to find the spear. That is intellect.
Sitting cross-legged on a marvelously marked and rune-carved pavilion, a young, muscular man with thick, spike-like hair and even thicker beard, had his eyes closed as he hummed a soft and relaxing melody. A long, heavy spear lay comfortably on his thighs, as though a living extension of the young man himself. The pavilion was surrounded by lush nature and thick air of the high mountains, with a waterfall spilling over into a small lake a short walk away north. In the far distance, beyond the waterfall, where the young man’s village stood, children’s joyful shouts and screams could be heard, but it appeared as though they never reached the young man. For he had shut off the world around him, and all there is to him were him and his trusted spear.
The spear was nearly two meters long, its spearhead thick and alloyed to endure fire, wat
:iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 0 0
Ice Queen Poloma - Battlerite fan-art by MAND4Drawings Ice Queen Poloma - Battlerite fan-art :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 0 0 Lightning Overlord by MAND4Drawings Lightning Overlord :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 1 0 Skyfire Magus - sketch collection by MAND4Drawings Skyfire Magus - sketch collection :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 0 0 Skyfire Magus [WN Cover] by MAND4Drawings Skyfire Magus [WN Cover] :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 0 0 From the Other Side by MAND4Drawings From the Other Side :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 1 0 Random 2D Assets Megapack [free] by MAND4Drawings Random 2D Assets Megapack [free] :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 0 0 Skyfire Magus [web-novel cover] by MAND4Drawings Skyfire Magus [web-novel cover] :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 0 0 Equipment Icon Pack by MAND4Drawings Equipment Icon Pack :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 0 0 [free] 5 Random Game Icons Pack by MAND4Drawings [free] 5 Random Game Icons Pack :iconmand4drawings:MAND4Drawings 0 0


His Eminence
Eh, I'm not too satisfied, oversatured & too bright. Oh well. At least there's a lot of swords. 

program: ps4
time: 2h~
The Treasure At Adventure's End
For some reason I suddenly remembered back when I first started playing Guild Wars 2, and those small adventures I'd go on where there were no loot drops, but only beautiful views. And thus this was born. 

Photoshop CS4


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Haris Krupalija
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I draw, I write, I animate, but I mostly struggle. Nah, not mentally. Just struggle to get better at things I like doing. Which, I guess, is the way it's supposed to be. So I have no idea why I included it here.

Anyway, as I said, I draw, I write, I animate. Hit me up if you need anything done and you think my style fits it. Or don't. You know, that's living.

I seriously didn't intend for this to come out so depressing. Uh, let's end it with a joke: what's the difference between a cat and the Catwoman?

Nothing. They both like to be pampurrrrrrrrrrrrrred.

Okay, I'm out.


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